Efficient Workload Management for Enhanced Productivity
Blog | 06.15.2012

Our 5th Webinar – topic “Increase Work Output by 15-20% Effortlessly”

On Thursday, we had the fifth webinar in our quarterly series related to topics such as productivity, innovation, people engagement etc. This one too was well attended with around 18 participants at CxO/VP/Director level from different companies.

This blog is a quick summary of the topics covered:

  • A typical work day is so busy and spread across different activities, that it is hard to know whether we put in reasonable hours and in activities that matter. We need a way to get automated facts about work time utilization.
  • An organization needs similar insights about collective effort, which is extremely important since it drives the business.
  • Indian IT is facing turbulent times with reduced IT spends, flat billing rates, higher salaries and shifts in business models from Time & Material to Output based and Fixed Cost. All of these mean that productivity at work is now center stage for IT and Engineering Services companies and subsidiaries of global ISVs.
  • Instead of debating productivity, a fresh approach was presented in the webinar – which is how to raise Work Output. The factors influencing Work Output are Capability, Engagement and Efficiency. Increasing the capability of the existing team, analyzing the time spent on WORK rather than OFFICE time (people engagement), having the appropriate having activity focus (Project Efficiency), and right-sizing teams based on workload (organization efficiency) will raise work output.

The webinar explained how Sapience delivers more work output by raising people engagement and work efficiency across the organization.