Productivity Improvement | 06.15.2012

Rethinking Software QA to Increase Team Productivity

We have had a couple of blogs on differentiating between “urgent and important” for roles like CXOs and Project Managers. Let’s consider its importance for Software Quality Analysts (SQA). Every organization wants to deliver high quality services and products to its customers.

In a software development organization, each release has to be tested and approved by the QA team. The analysts ensure that the functionality, user-friendliness and utility of the software are as envisioned by the creators and acceptable to end users.

With tight release deadlines, and being at the end of the release cycle, QA usually gets its software version late, which then has to be tested quickly. In the testing phase, QA engineers invariably have to stretch their working hours, and even this does not leave enough time. Hence, performance and regression testing is often inadequate. Yet there are ways for QA to ensure that they manage their time more effectively.

It should be possible to schedule test planning, test case development, regression test automation, tools training and similar such tasks, while the software development is in progress. The QA team can be associated during the requirements and design phase so that the testability aspect of the software can be kept in mind. Simulated version of long lead modules can advance testing of other modules.

In this manner, by the time the full release is available, the QA team has already tested early modules, test cases for the other modules and overall product are ready, and automated scripts for regression and performance testing have been created. The secret is in planning QA activities, and keeping the QA team engaged and focused on key activities throughout the product lifecycle.

Our product, Sapience, enables the SQA Director to plan the QA roadmap and keep the team engaged on productive activities depending on the product lifecycle phase. This is achieved by providing the work pattern insights such as workload and activity mix.

If you are building a top notch SQA team, and want to take it to the next level, send us an email at sales@sapienceanalytics.com, to find out how Sapience can help you.