Blog | 06.15.2012

CXOs Struggle to Prioritize Roles and Responsibilities

CXO’s are the front-end drivers of an organization; their main role is to define and drive the organization’s mission and vision. Their primary work focus is in planning new strategies and directions, while effectively piloting the execution of the current business objectives. However, CXOs are often unable to prioritize their must-do tasks, and get more involved into less important operational functions.

According to a study published in Harvard Business Review, only 10 percent of a CXO’s time is used effectively, rest 90% of time is occupied by time wasters.

This link has more information: How effective CEOs manage their most precious resource: Time

An ideal CXO is supposed to be focused on the future, and bring fresh and innovative ideas to the organization. Instead, the CXO tends to get involved in every step of business execution and micro-manage tactical issues that keep coming up on day-to-day basis.

Work Facts

The CXO ends up spending long hours on project management, attending meetings, sorting out any disagreements etc., thereby leaving no time for strategizing. Therefore the CXOs need to prioritize their activities as important and not so important, identify prime tasks and delegate the routine and less important tasks down the hierarchy.

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