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Productivity Improvement | 06.15.2012

Time Management Concepts – The dilemma of Urgent versus Important

Most of us feel stressed out and not in control of our life as we are constantly juggling between urgent and important tasks. To pull out of such crisis mode, it is useful to understand the Stephen Covey Quadrant and incorporate it into our lives actively to reach the desired state where you feel that you are in reasonable control of your life.

The idea is to plan the available time in a meticulous manner so that you never fall into the trap of endless crisis or urgent situations, and you are able to give enough time to the important things in work and life. The secret behind this is proper planning and setting work priorities.

At home, one is busy doing urgent things like paying bills, visits to the doctor, and attending to family needs. There is always time to watch those endless talk shows and breaking news on TV. Yet we cannot seem to find the time for daily exercise (which will keep the doctor away) and relaxing meetings with family and friends (which de-stress you and help strengthen relationships).

At work too, one first deals with the crisis situations that have erupted recently, which is understandable. But then one is willing to devote attention to time wasters such as social interruptions, long calls and e-mails. Instead if you work on long term planning, near term tracking, improved work processes, and structured communication with the team and customers, it may well avert or at least reduce future crisis situations.

Our software, Sapience, can help you automatically find time spent on urgent, important and not so important work. This is at the individual level and on collective basis for the organization. Hence, both employees and managers can work towards ensuring that more time gets spent on important work – both urgent and not so urgent.

By reducing time on unimportant work, perhaps you can get more time for your family and friends. This will create a sense of contentment in both your work and personal life. If interested in time management tool, please write to