Productivity Improvement | 06.14.2012

All Employees Need Recognition for Their Own Hard Work

Sometimes you may be doing an excellent job, working hard and in a focused manner, and yet this is not being acknowledged by your manager or the customer. Good managers consider the overall performance, such as your contribution to the project, quality of the output and attitude towards work and colleagues. Therefore you should consider all aspects of your performance before feeling neglected.

Here is a link that provides useful tips on how to improve your work contributions and also get the recognition you deserve: How To Get Recognized For Your Work

It is true though that many managers confuse time in office with actual contributions. They praise those who stay late in office. Especially at distributed offices or with remote clients, perceptions matter more than facts. Those team members who keep mentioning how they worked long hours and on weekends, or highlight their own contributions, get more recognition. The fact is that beyond a certain time (7-8 hours per day), productivity begins to drop. Also, those staying late may also be coming late to office, or perhaps working late because they accomplished little during the day. Someone who works from 9 to 6 may actually be delivering more time on work, and achieving more.

Our product Sapience helps remove this kind of subjective assessment, and provides the facts about time on work (as opposed to time in the office). It generates automated timesheets that document time breakup across activities and projects. It will help you make necessary improvements to your work style, and ensure that managers and customers get objective facts about the quantum and quality of work. If interested, please write to sales@sapienceanalytics.com.