Productivity Improvement | 06.12.2012

As a Professional, How Do I Ensure Reasonable Work Hours?

Most of us spend 9 to11 hours a day in the office, and sometimes take work home too. We are sure that we work too hard, but the question is how can we improve? Do we really know how and where we spend our time? There are plenty of areas where we could have optimized our time. If we are able to minimize time wasters, it can help us be more productive at work and simultaneously improve our work-life balance as well.

Here are a few common time wasters:

  1. Longer breaks from your workstation than planned: When you walk away from your system for a short break, you meet people and involve in small talk about various things like travelling, family etc. We does not even realize how a 2 minute break ended up into 10 or 15 minutes of absence, followed by another couple of minutes to re-focus on where we left off.
  2. Social Calls: Colleagues might just stop by your cubicle to chit chat while you are engaged in some serious work, and you would not ask them to leave as it is considered rude. Such instances break the rhythm of work and you end up losing productivity and time. There is no harm in giving subtle messages by keeping the door closed or finding a quiet corner or a meeting room to work.
  3. E-mails and Phone Calls: Checking e-mails and phone calls are classic time wasters. Most of us check mails and respond to them numerous times a day more out of habit than a necessity. Similarly, if we put phone on silent and check it only in breaks to answer the important calls, it will be a great time saver. In US, answering machines are used extensively so that you can just leave a message rather than have a long call.

This link has excellent tips to increase your time efficiency: Better Time Management: 7 Simple Steps to Working Smarter

It will be a good idea to make some changes in your work routine and see the difference for yourself. If you have tried time management and failed, it is because of the lack of an automated system. Sapience is a unique software solution that is meant for people at work. Besides time utilization for employees, it shows work patterns for teams and business units. Write to us at sales@sapienceanalytics.com.