Productivity Improvement | 05.29.2012

Working Hard or Working Smart? Here’s How to Tell

There is a significant difference between working hard and working smart. We all need to work hard to some extent, but do we realize when we are working too hard? Maybe we feel the pressure to work hard to feel that we are doing the right thing. Yet it might not be necessary, and in fact may be counter-productive.

This link describes the problem of time ‘muda’ (‘waste’ in Japanese): http://www.bizmanualz.com/information/2005/11/03/is-waste-muda-preventing-you-from-working-smarter.html

There are many ways by which you can get to know if you are wasting time instead of working hard. For example:

  1. Work Hours: If you are working more than 40 hours per week, and yet feel that you are not accomplishing much, you are definitely trapped in the unidentifiable wastage of time. Either you have taken on more work than you can handle, or you are being inefficient in your execution, or you need to learn how to delegate.
  2. Juggling between tasks: If you switch too frequently between tasks and applications, you will waste time as you switch your concentration from one task to the other. It wears you down since you get the feeling that none of the tasks are completed. They create stress by keeping your mind busy on the various issues surrounding each of the multiple tasks. Instead, take them one at a time and get them to closure.
  3. Resource Crunch: You feel that more resources are required either in the form of manpower, money or material to achieve your team’s goals in time. However, it may be that the available resources are not utilized effectively, or most of the team members are facing the problem of time ‘muda’ (waste). Hence, a collective effort is required to learn how to work smart rather than too hard.

 There is now one way to identify how waste is taking away your precious time. Our product, Sapience, helps give the ‘big picture’ about how each user and the team as a whole are utilizing their work time. Avoid time ‘muda’, send a mail to sales@sapienceanalytics.com and figure out how to work smart. Use the extra time to be with your friends and family, and enjoy life more!

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