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Productivity Improvement | 05.29.2012

Facebook COO Leaves Office At 5:30 pm – Why Not You?

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg recently spoke about how she leaves for home at 5:30 pm since the last couple of years to be able to join her kids for dinner. Read her views at:

In today’s fast paced lifestyle where women juggle between work and kids, the increasing work pressure can take a toll on their mental and physical health. There is always a conflict between impressing the boss by staying late or go home on time and maybe do some extra work from home if required.
Research shows that children who spend quality time each day with parents, with dinner especially being a good time for bonding, grow up much more secure than those who eat dinner alone.

Sheryl Sandberg’s emphatic statement is quite inspirational for women (and men) to be more open about their work routine.

Sapience has created a product that lets you work in office or at home, and show to yourself and your manager that you put in adequate work time. This facilitates organizations to create liberal work policies such as flexi hours and work from home, which benefits employees without impacting the company. A happy family makes for a charged up employee, which in turn helps the business.