Productivity Improvement | 05.29.2012

Emails Are Reducing Your Team’s Productivity at Work

A large majority of employees today spend bulk of their time on PCs. They extensively use emails to share information. However, there is a growing realization that emails are one of the most inefficient activities at the workplace.

The CEO of a large global IT Services company has even banned emails for internal communication – Read this: Company ban on email gives employees a break, and maybe a different type of headache

There are many reasons why emails can become a wasteful activity for the company instead of a productive means of communication. Many of us keep the email pop-up enabled. This causes us to look at every incoming email. This continuous switching between one’s work and emails is highly inefficient. Emails are copied to more people than they need to, thus leading to an endless chain of replies that are going to people who don’t need to be on the email thread. Instead of reviewing and replying quickly to every email, it is often better to reply once others have expressed their opinions.


Is banning e-mails the solution? Not really. It is a powerful tool that has no superior substitute. The right approach is training employees on effective usage of emails. It will also be very useful to have a solution that automatically tracks time spent on e-mails during work hours. This will let us compare time spent on e-mails versus other core activities that are more important to accomplish one’s goals. Then one can optimize the e-mail time and keep it within reasonable bounds.
This is where Sapience can contribute. It records time on e-mails and other work related activities automatically for each person, enabling self-improvement. Managers can see activity break-up of work time for their teams, compare between them to see what optimal usage can be, and set improvement goals.

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