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Productivity Improvement | 05.29.2012

Too Many Meetings Are Bad For You!

Most managers at medium and large companies think that they have to attend too many meetings, some of which are a waste of time. Now researchers say that meetings even lower your IQ! Check this article in the Telegraph, UK:

Meetings are often very unproductive for attendees. The agenda of the meeting might not require everyone who was invited. More often than not, the discussion gets easily diverted. This prolongs the meeting time and results in loss of focus. Poorly managed meetings end up with no decisions made regarding action items. Lack of follow-up may even render these meeting hours as complete waste of time.

In order to fix this issue, we first need to analyze the extent of the problem, and set goals for time management in relation to meetings. Can we get the cumulative meeting time of all participants in various meetings, and analyze the % of time in meetings at different seniority levels of the company? If we are able to, then we can set some reasonable goals for time on meetings, and also initiate training on how to conduct them effectively.

Meeting related analysis is just one simple but vital data point amongst a whole range of work pattern intelligence that Sapience delivers.

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