Are You Encouraging Self Discipline At Workplace?
Productivity Improvement | 05.29.2012

Yes, You Can Work Only 40 Hours a Week & Be More Productive

Revenue and profitability growth are the core objectives for any enterprise. One of the key drivers for increased revenue and growth, especially in the knowledge and services industry, is employee productivity.

Research has shown that people spending more than 40 hours per week end up being less productive. This link provides a good analysis:

Many of us spend long hours on work in office, and increasingly at home. There is always lot of work to be done. So how can 40 hours per week be sufficient?

Time Management is the key to high productivity and a stress free life. One must prioritize important work (like planning, your core activities) over urgent but not so critical activities. For example, studies show that emails and meetings are taking up significant time that can easily be reduced. A healthy balance between work hours, and time spent with your family/friends and your interests and hobbies, ensures that you are at peak productivity when in office.

Is there a way to discover some facts about how we work, so that we can set improvement goals? For example, suppose we had our office time analyzed as shown in the example below:

Current Average                                      Set new goals


Time in office 9.5 hrs / day 8.5 hrs / day
Work Time 6.8 hrs / day 7.2 hrs / day
Coding/Testing 40% of the work time 55% of the work time
Emails/Chat 27% 20%
Meetings and 1/1s 18% 15%
Other work activities 15% 10%

Once you know your current work pattern, you can set new goals and work towards them. The table shows how it will benefit you as well as the company.  Your work-life balance will improve (less time in office, but more time on work). Time in office reduces, yet work time increases. Efficiency goes up since a higher % of time is spent on your core activity of coding and testing.

This is exactly what our product, Sapience, delivers. It automatically discovers work patterns – for each employee and for the entire team or company.

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