Sapience Vue

SaaS based data analytics solution to optimize your enterprise’s efforts and processes

Benefits of Sapience Vue

Get actionable insights

Connect effort to people, processes, and technology. Improve productivity by 15-20%.

Make better business decisions

Use machine learning to predict future operational outcomes. Identify and address problems

Unified, real-time view of effort

Gather effort data automatically from all your enterprise applications. No manual tracking needed.

Get answers within days

Vue is SaaS-based, lightweight, and quick to deploy. You will get insights rapidly.

Enterprise ready

Sapience Vue is built from the ground up for large, distributed organizations. Scale up with little effort.

Sapience Features

Human Capital Management

Manage your workforce to its highest potential. Identify, manage, and develop employees to maximize productivity. Organize teams efficiently and eliminate churn.

Outsourcing Governance

Introduce accountability for your outsourced teams. Eliminate the need for self-reported, error-prone timesheets. Manage your contingent workforce through automated, accurate effort measurements.

Workplace Compliance

Identify and address workplace compliance issues before they get out of control. Maintain trust within work relationships by ensuring employee and vendor compliance as it relates to system access.

Business Process Optimization

Understand workflow patterns across functional units. Identify and address areas of inefficiency to improve business outcomes. Optimize the business effort and processes to maximize the impact to your bottom line.

Business Activity Monitoring 

Automatically capture work patterns from across all your productivity applications and employee endpoints. Use this data to make informed decisions on ways to improve business activity, efficiency and profitability.

How Sapience Vue helps every level of management


Empower leaders to execute your strategy.


Maximize operational productivity and ensure compliance.


Cloud-based data analytics solution for IT people and processes.

Managers & Directors

Get full visibility into employee work time and work patterns.

A proven record of success

Major regional bank saves $12M in costs with Sapience

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Global KPO increased work output by 40% within 6 months of Sapience roll-out

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Global financial company saves $10M within 6 months of Sapience deployment

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Global IT enterprise increased time on core activities by 30% with Sapience

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