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Podcast: How to Unlock the Power of Employee Wellbeing Metrics with Bradley Killinger

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As we navigate this new era of hybrid work, employee wellbeing has become a topic of mainstream conversation in the workplace. So, our CEO, Brad Killinger was excited to join Veamly’s Productivity & Engineering Podcast to highlight the importance of employee engagement and provide insights on designing a data-driven approach to work in today’s hybrid workplace. His episode covered many important topics that represent the major opportunities and challenges we must adapt to in the “new normal” of work.

Podcast Highlights

Having worked in technology for over 25 years, Brad has a lifelong passion for helping customers succeed and is the driving force behind Sapience’s aggressive global expansion strategy.

“At the end of the day, hybrid work is here to stay. The world is moving away from gut-feel management and toward data-driven, smart decisions,” said Brad.

As stated by Brad, “Employees are working too many hours. So, companies need to do a better job of clearing the deck for them instead of expecting them to clear the deck.” This is where employee metrics come into play. Leveraging big data allows organizations to drive more efficient operations. Plus, with a hybrid working model, employees can juggle other facets of their lives much better.

So, what makes hybrid work effective? And how can organizations prepare for it? Listen to the full episode now on The Productivity & Engineering Podcast to hear Killinger’s take on the next generation hybrid model .

About Veamly

“Built by engineers, for engineers. Trusted across teams.” Veamly helps engineering teams become more unified and productive, but more importantly, improves their work experience.

The Productivity & Engineering Podcast was started to introduce users to the best practices, tips, and tricks for getting the most out of your day. Learn more about Veamly’s dedication to digital wellbeing here.

About Sapience

Simply put, the way we work is shifting drastically. Work-life balance and flexibility are now at the top of the list of things that modern workers look for in a company. At Sapience Analytics, we truly believe that today’s employees can be productive from anywhere. Having a remote workforce doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or performance.

Sapience Vue enables employees and employers to build an innovative, data-driven approach to work. We strive to enable every digital employee to achieve optimal personal performance and a healthy work-life balance—all while maintaining the highest levels of privacy and security.

Contact the Sapience team today to learn how our employee engagement solutions can drive your digital transformation.

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