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KPIs to Optimize Your Contingent Workforce

Outsourcing is a strategy used by more than 75% of businesses, but studies find most outsourcing contracts fail to deliver the promised value. With Sapience Vue, effectively audit outcomes versus contract deliverables for optimal productivity, efficiency, and cost savings of your contingent workforce.

Easily Integrate with Existing Vendor Management Systems

  • Single platform solution
  • Industry agnostic
  • Integrations and extensibility
  • No hidden costs and no surprises
  • Enterprise-grade data security

Answer Business Critical Questions That Impact the Bottom Line

  • Are the vendor teams aligned and focused on the right goals?
  • Can I get early warnings if a project may miss its deadlines?
  • Do we really need to add headcount, or can this team do more?

Vendor Value Analysis Can Help Avoid Costly Outsourcing Challenges

  • Improve end-to-end visibility from work activity to invoicing.
  • Eliminate the manual one-sided reporting process.
  • Establish benchmarks with visibility into contingent workforce activity.


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