Press Release | 03.05.2017

Sapience Launches an upgraded and all-inclusive personal tracking app

Sapience Analytics (, the leading People Analytics @ Work company, today announced the launch of their upgraded Sapience Buddy App. It is a revolutionary application that working professionals use to better manage their time, focus, productivity, and to achieve work-life balance.
Sapience Buddy is available for Mobile and PC platforms. The mobile version can be downloaded for free from Play store and App Store while there are free and paid versions for the PC that can be downloaded from our website. This launch happens to overlap with the anniversary of the company, and hence Sapience is offering the paid version for PC for free here by using coupon code ‘Sapience123’  (This offer is open until Nov 30, 2016).

New Features on the PC version:

  • A smart virtual assistant that provides actionable insights to help people achieve their goals
  • New UI that makes the app even more intuitive to use
  • Integration with Google Fit to give a snapshot of work and fitness/health related activities
  • Integration with social networking platforms – share your progress with friends, colleagues, and family

New Features on the Mobile version:

  • Enhanced dashboard to better understand where and how you spend your time
  • Enhanced Analytics – search historical data for travel, calls, time spent at locations and more
  • Capture of physical activities – number of steps walked, time spent walking and cycling
  • Integration with social networking platforms – share your progress with friends, colleagues, and family
  • On Android, know time spent on apps and calls

On the launch, Madhukar Bhatia, CTO of Sapience said, “We started Sapience to help each individual, team, and organization become more productive and manage their time better as time is the most important resource we all have. Enterprises across the globe have been successfully using Sapience for years, and with the launch of our all-new Sapience Buddy App, we are now extending the same features and benefits to every individual. Our vision is to empower individuals to be more productive while achieving the elusive work-life balance.”

“Sapience Buddy is truly the Swiss Army Knife of personal tracking, time management and productivity apps,” said Khiv Singh, VP Marketing and Sales. “The use cases are innumerable. For example, a freelancer can track time on projects, a self-employed individual can track miles traveled for tax reimbursement, a working professional can track how they spend their time on core and non-core activities, at what locations, for how long, and set various goals to change their behavior and track progress. We truly believe that Sapience Buddy is one app that addresses all tracking requirements – business and personal,” he added.

Sapience Buddy can be used separately on PC and mobile, or the users can opt to integrate data across multiple devices to get one single dashboard view. The data always remain private and available only on user’s devices.

Working professionals looking for means to stay in control of their time have found an answer in Sapience Buddy. This unique app, with its better and improved features, becomes a must-have tool for the modern-day professional.

About Sapience:
Sapience is an innovative People Analytics solution. At the individual level, it empowers users to own their productivity and wellness through mindful work. At the enterprise level, managers and CxOs get accurate Workload and Capacity Utilization insights across every business dimension of interest, enabling them to align their talent pool to strategic needs. Sapience is helping over 100,000 users at 70+ enterprises across 10+ countries to move the needle on employee engagement, employee wellness, organization productivity and business profitability. Sapience also owns the Art of Working platform (, that brings together several of the world’s leading productivity experts and working professionals interested in improved personal effectiveness at work.

Recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor, Sapience is the recipient of several industry awards for its innovative product and fast growth, including Dun & Bradstreet, Frost & Sullivan, TiE50 – Bay area, NASSCOM, and IDG Channel World.