Press Release | 12.02.2019

Sapience Analytics 6.5 Draws More Faceted Picture with Workforce Data

Latest updates inform software utilization, integrate with SaaS apps and VOIP

PLANO, TEXAS – Available now, the Sapience 6.5 upgrade gathers valuable software utilization information from across users’ IT landscape, fully integrates with SaaS platforms including Microsoft Office 365, and updates important privacy protections for individuals.  

“In today’s business world, many companies pay for software licenses without having any accurate way to track real software usage,” said Brad Killinger, CEO. “This upgrade provides accurate, immediate insights into how many employees are actually using these licenses from request to retirement, so our customers can make data-driven licensing decisions.” 

Since its first launch eight years ago, Sapience’s data-collecting capabilities have delivered unprecedented visibility into work patterns and behavior within any organization. The recent upgrade also: 

  • Added APIs compliant with Microsoft products so that workforce analytics can be collected across SaaS platforms. 
  • Improved individual opt-in privacy features so that useful aggregate data still can be collected and presented in a team format. 
  • Strengthened its meeting data capture function to include VoIP capabilities.  

Sapience is used by leaders of more than 90 major customers across 18 countries to make more informed decisions and to improve operating efficiencies across their enterprises while holding vendors accountable. Get more information on how Sapience can help your business by visiting their website at or calling 877-670-8884. 

Sapience Analytics is a market leader that provides an enterprise efficiency and outsourcing governance solution that powers a 20-30% increase in organizational productivity while improving employee engagement and wellness. The U.S.-based corporation is the recipient of several industry awards for its innovative product and fast growth, including Dun & Bradstreet, Frost & Sullivan, TiE50 – Bay area, NASSCOM, and IDG Channel World. 



Nami Ahmed 

Marketing Manager