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Magazine Article: Rewiring the Remote Enterprise – The role of workplace analytics in digital transformation.

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Article extracted from RWS online magazine.

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The disruption we have experienced with COVID has been unprecedented. Practically over night, the workforce transitioned to de facto work from home. Not only were organizations struggling to determine how to right-size and right-site the post-pandemic workforce, but they are also challenged to find new ways to manage the distributed workforce.   Workforce analytics adoption is crucial to reveal insights of how work is being performed across the enterprise. These insights are the foundation for process improvement, understanding work “wastage,” uncovering training and coaching needs, shifts in software utilization, and employee engagement trends and opportunities.

About Remote Work Solutions Magazine

Remote Work Solutions (RWS) is a quarterly print magazine and digital news and information source dedicated to serving enterprise IT, HR, purchasing, and C-suite executives who are faced with the unique challenges of supporting and enabling remote and hybrid work forces. RWS’s staff of work-from-home experts also provides its customer with custom-tailored and on-demand content and PR services.

About Sapience

Simply put, the way we work is shifting drastically. Work-life balance and flexibility are now at the top of the list of things that modern workers look for in a company. At Sapience Analytics, we truly believe that today’s employees can be productive from anywhere. Having a remote workforce doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or performance.

Sapience Vue enables employees and employers to build an innovative, data-driven approach to work. We strive to enable every digital employee to achieve optimal personal performance and a healthy work-life balance—all while maintaining the highest levels of privacy and security.

Contact the Sapience team today to learn how our employee engagement solutions can drive your digital transformation.

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