Pandemic Preparedness: Enabling a Work-From-Home Environment

Maximize Business Productivity in a Distributed Work-From-Home Environment

Employers struggle with work from home policies when managers are unable to discern the productivity level of remote workers. Sapience software automates the collection of digital signals emitted from work phone and PC interactions – and combines them with powerful analytics that enable senior executives to make better decisions around their biggest investment – their human capital.

Sapience automates the reporting of work patterns, time and activity, creates baselines of expected work output to set goals for teams to achieve, providing the data and visibility needed to measure team engagement and productivity. Additionally, using Sapience’s built-in gamification features, managers can motivate remote team members to achieve new and improved levels of performance.

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How We Work Infographic

How time at the office is really spent, and what can be done to optimize it

Press Release

Sapience Analytics launches new work from home solution, designed to improve productivity and engagement

Yes, it’s still an excellent idea to work from home

Benefits to both employers and employees