Webinar: Fintech

Webinar: Fintech

Quantifiable data to efficiently manage your enterprise

– A Barclays Bank perspective


James Brown
General Manager



Adam Rowland
Global Head of Innovation and Tools for Market Operations

Barclays Bank


Bradley Killinger

Sapience Analytics

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July 29th USA and UK
5 pm CST/7 am ACST

July 30th NZ/AU
9 am NZST / 7 am AEST


Join us for a discussion around the use of quantitative data and data analytics to provide unprecedented visibility into the working habits of people, processes and technology, enabling rapid and fact-based digital transformation and decision making.  This event includes a case study of how Barclays Bank uses leading data analytics technology across a range of performance dimensions including managing a distributed workforce, capacity utilization, cost management, software utilization, budgeting and forecasting. 


  • Industry insights: How how firms with large populations of knowledge and information workers around the world are using data analytics to gain visibility into the effort of people, processes and technology 
  • Barclays case study: quantifiable data to drive decision making across a spectrum of performance dimensions
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