How to Prepare Your Workforce to Work Remotely In the Event of a Pandemic

Five Steps to a Remote Workforce Emergency Management Plan

As we’ve experienced recently, the same global forces that drive international commerce and innovation can also drive the potentially catastrophic spread of pathogenic organisms.

Today’s global businesses must be prepared for events that could lead to widespread disruption. You need a crisis management plan that will not only keep your business running during times of unforeseen catastrophe, but will support your pandemic preparedness framework and reduce risk by preparing your employees to work from home.

This how-to guide (updated for 2020) for implementing a remote workforce as part of your crisis escalation procedures provides guidance on:

  • The three aspects of building a remote workforce contingency plan
  • How to structure compliance and productivity among a remote workforce
  • How to foster collaboration and work-life balance
  • Ideas for using your plan in quieter times

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