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Sapience can help reduce up to 30% in external labor spend

Maximize savings with an efficient data collector, analytics & decision support platform. 

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Chances are your company is
being overbilled by your
contingent workforce suppliers…
but doesn’t know it.

The 2023 Future of Work Exchange research finds that 49% of the average company’s total workforce consists of external, extended talent. What many leaders don’t realize is that the current ecosystem inherently puts the buyer at a disadvantage to receiving true value from the investment.

Sapience transparenSee disrupts the traditional source-to-pay processes with enhanced visibility of actual work-time data that informs business decisions to save money. With Sapience, you gain actionable insights into your team’s work patterns and uncover opportunities to streamline operations and cut unnecessary costs.

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A leading multi-national bank with more than 75,000 employees in 40 countries needed to adopt a data-driven approach to manage a global contingent workforce with insights into output and efficiency.


Sapience was deployed across a contingent workforce of approximately 6,000 workers. In a three-month time frame, they recouped approximately $18 million in excess spending. Based on the data collected from Sapience, they also re-structured outsourced contracts for future work arrangements.

The leaders discovered:

  • More time spent in meetings than core activities.
  • 40% of employees’ time is spent managing project-related files in Outlook.
  • Work data was needed to set productivity benchmarks to tie outcomes and results.
Sapience transparenSEE data enabled this client to create an improved work environment to attract and retain top performers.

Maximize external labor spend

Don’t let lack of data visibility impact
your bottom line.

Data Aggregation & Presentation

Fully automated tool with near real-time access and an intuitive UI. Delivers actionable insights with built-in, dynamic BI.

Data Alignment

Allows for flexible views across the organization, departments or teams and appropriate permission levels to manage access and changes

Security & Privacy

All data is secure and encrypted and governed with multi-facet access controls and privacy settings.  
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Sapience Analytics

Sapience gives us the ability to check if we are able to allocate sufficient time for our core activities during our work day. We have implemented Sapience Vue with the utmost regard for privacy and personal data is visible only to individuals.

Director of Global IT Product Company servicing Fortune Customers


We are happy to join forces with Sapience. We believe this integration is a perfect fit for every client looking for IT operations improvement and an accurate fact base to support their decisions.

Head of World’s leading Business Transformation Solutions provider


Sapience makes for happy people, happy managers and happy customers. And it is rare to see a tool achieve all of these at the same time.

CEO of Statistical Software and Advanced Analytics, largest provider for clinical trial design and execution


By showing companies how to close the 10% to 30% gap between hours invoiced and actual number of hours
worked by their suppliers’ workers, Sapience has consistently proven at least a 30% immediate and
sustainable savings. Sign up today and let Sapience unlock your team’s true potential.

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