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Hybrid Work Model – Focus on How Work Gets Done, Not Where

Gartner forecasts by the end of 2021, 51% of all knowledge workers worldwide will be working remotely. Are you concerned with maintaining an engaged workforce while on a growth path? Challenge team thinking with granular data that reveals work activities and those applications used to get the job done. Sapience Vue is answering those tough business questions that inform how to balance productivity with engagement with employee wellbeing—no matter where you work.

Our Analytics Can Guide Hybrid Working

  • Compare productivity in an office versus remote.
  • Determine if employees are working on the right activities with core time and focus time metrics.
  • As a leader, how can I identify employees at risk of burnout?
  • Identify any use of restricted or unapproved applications presenting compliance or security risks?

The Power of Predictive Analytics

  • Gain data-driven visibility into work patterns across your organization by team, department, location, or job type.
  • Predict future resource needs with utilization reports.
  • Leverage comparison reports to identify coaching or resource needs across full-time and contingent workforce.

Encouraging Employee Well-being

The blur between work-life and home-life can cause a level of anxiety for many people. While the data serves a business purpose, data like Vue’s Wellness Check report can also serve as an alert for breaks during the day.

We Protect Employee Privacy – We Protect You

  • Get activity alerts from servers, devices and other endpoints as well as insights into their traffic and behavior.
  • Be proactive in detecting and managing potential vulnerabilities with our data authentication, encryption, storage, and penetration testing protocols.
  • Establish data safeguards using multiple layers of industry standard security practices and annual SOC 2 compliance audits.

Hybrid Work Model

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