How It Works

Sapience is easy to implement, integrates with your existing software, and works quietly in the background. It collects work-related data while protecting employees’ personally identifiable information (PII) and private confidential information (PCI). Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: Gather metadata

Sapience deploys a collector agent that gather metadata (data that is aggregated at the team level). The information we collect is related to business process management, so we track the use of work-related software, website access, and daily work patterns across the organization. We don’t collect PII or PCI—and we never scrape screens or capture keystrokes.

STEP 2: Aggregate data

Next, we import the metadata into the Sapience platform, and aggregate data at the team level. Sapience uses algorithms to analyze data and reveal work patterns. These insights are then shared with the team, department, or organization.

STEP 3: Present data

Using the insights provided by Sapience, companies can set goals for improvement, adjust workload among teams and departments, negotiate better contracts, optimize processes, reduce spending, engage low performers, improve software usage management, and proactively retain top talent.

Sapience can be implemented quickly, allowing companies to see a quick return on their investment. Here’s how our deployment process works:

01. Project Planning

After meeting with your team to discuss the project, we will create a project plan for your deployment, with the following components: milestones/key tasks, training and communication plan, Organizational Change Management (OCM) framework (as needed) to align with your OCM methodology and goals, review of scope and solution, and compliance.

We will ensure the implementation complies with your policies and procedures, server requirements, and other internal approvals as required (GDPR, Infosec, etc.).

2. Pilot Launch / Deployments

After the project plan is approved and both parties agree on the success criteria, we will begin deployment. Sapience will provide training, change management, and support throughout the pilot launch.

03. Configuration

Once launched, Sapience will be further configured to your unique requirements and specifications, including user list, organizational hierarchy, activity mapping, and application parameters.

04. Analysis & Action

Sapience will conduct regular meetings with your teams to review benchmarks, focus areas, trends, and any other discoveries. Then, we will provide recommendations and best practices based on what we’ve seen in over 500 million recorded and analyzed work hours. We can also provide industry-specific recommendations, to ensure you get the best results from your Sapience deployment.

Sapience takes privacy seriously. View our privacy overview to learn more.

View Privacy Overview
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