End User Experience is
data-driven now

Manage and monitor your IT infrastructure with a data-driven and integrated
device strategy to run your business successfully.

Enhance employee productivity with
contactless device health checks

Enhance employee’s device experience by automatically providing
end-user device health data.

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Enhance your digital interface with an unbelievable End User Experience

Workforce post-pandemic will remain hybrid and distributed. Digital experience monitoring (DEM) technologies will become table stakes for enterprises as employees deal with issues beyond their control, like a home Wi-Fi issue which depends on ISP providers. You can enhance the end-user experience by monitoring all your hardware and software health. It helps you to enhance the digital experience and to deliver mission-critical projects on time.


91% of companies believe that secure IT governance is very important.

90% of companies believe that data privacy is very important.

How does Sapience Vue help you in
enhancing the End User Experience?


View automated data on CPU, HDD, and  ...

View automated data on CPU, HDD, and network usage and breaking points for maintaining device health.


Find out the underperforming systems and ...

Find out the underperforming systems and root-causes with analytics.


Get detailed data on factors that are impacting ...

Get detailed data on factors that are affecting device performance and fix the issues to enhance the productivity of your team.


Create an integrated device monitoring  ...

Create an integrated device monitoring framework to craft an end-user device experience monitoring strategy.

Enhance employee productivity with contactless device health checks

Get insights into the business work activity of your remote team
working from anywhere in the world.

Automatic Device Health
Data Capture

Devices with Lens installed automatically monitors end-user experience on devices and captures CPU, HDD, and Network related information. This brings in direct visibility into the health of the devices in use.

Get Direct Control of Device Performance

Device centric data helps to detect which systems are underperforming and what is affecting a worker not to perform at their most optimal. This is extremely useful, as it will also help customer IT teams to prevent and address incidents proactively.

Drive Worker Productivity

Worker productivity in the new way normal is directly affected by the added complexity of device bandwidth. Insights into device performance (CPU, Network, Hard Drive, Memory, Location etc) and detailed event data, provides insights into how to improve worker productivity.

Create a Comprehensive
Device Strategy

Vue Administrators have the ability to fill the visibility gaps created by the new way of working. It also helps to bring in transparency and create a remote end user device experience monitoring strategy, be it a centralized, decentralized or federated IT Model.

Sapience makes for happy people, happy managers and happy customers. And it is rare to see a tool achieve all of these at the same time.

– CEO of Statistical Software and Advanced Analytics, largest provider for clinical trial design and execution



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Business Insights: Turning Work Activity
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