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InvestOps USA Conference 2024

Leverage Workforce Data to Overcome Costly Operational Challenges 

Do you want to get to the heart of your most pressing operational challenges and discover solutions for them?

As operations, technology and regulatory leaders, you own or significantly contribute to critical strategies that dive into modern day challenges like market uncertainties, hybrid work, employee burnout, or attrition. While the playbook looks different for each business, one key ingredient many companies leverage to better position their organization through these unpredictable market conditions is their own workforce data. You will hear from Darren Hodges, Chief Operations Officer, Wealth Management and Investment Services U.S. Bank and Brad Killinger, CEO of Sapience Analytics about the power of work force data analytics. How you can use data to confidently create a playbook that can inform business operations and improve your bottom line.

Session Details:

Date: Wed | March 13th, 2024

Time 12:25pm EST

Location: Main Conference Stage

Be sure to visit Sapience and meet our team at Booth #22.
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