Company Overview

Data transparency that drives digital transformation.

Sapience brings together people, technology and process for the real-time data measurement and advanced predictive analysis that better prepare your company for the future of work.

Transformative Vision Our Story

Sapience was founded with a vision to transform people, processes, and employee productivity. With dashboards that deliver insights about how time is spent, people can budget time more effectively. Hours don’t disappear anymore. Instead, they’re used wisely and well, so work-life balance and high employee productivity become everyday realities, not impossible goals.

In 2017, Sapience moved its headquarters to the U.S. from Pune, India, globalized the product, and added new features and functions. Currently, Sapience is being used in 18 countries, by over 90 clients, with over 200,000 active users. We’ve witnessed the acceptance of big data and predictive analytics in the marketplace as companies realize how new technologies enable their digital transformation.

In 2020, it became clear that the nature of work is changing forever. Sapience Vue was launched to provide customers even more clarity into enterprise activity and processes. Vue gathers all activity from end points, systems and applications and employs machine learning to predict future outcomes and drive fact-based business decisions.

By providing automated work pattern reporting, real-time analytics and advanced IT asset management tools, Sapience delivers unprecedented visibility into how people work, with actionable insights to better manage cost and performance across teams and organizations, and guide in-office and remote workforce deployment strategies. Sapience is fundamentally changing the way companies grow and operate and shaping the future of business.

What We Believe


We believe that the decisions companies make are only as strong as the data on which they are based. And we believe that our fully automated, real-time solutions are the most objective route to the data-based, actionable insights that enable real digital transformation for our customers.


We believe that real-time insights, analytics and software audit tools help companies manage costs, increase productivity, improve transparency, maximize efficiencies, bolster engagement, improve workload management and spark change.


We believe that the solutions we provide should be easy to implement and easy to use, and that technology should complement efforts and inform perspectives, not interfere with daily work patterns or become an operational burden.


We believe that our customers should decide what type of data they want to track and to what level of detail, and that our solutions should be entirely configurable based on customer needs and preferences.


We believe that increased transparency through shared data builds trust within organizations and leads to more honest and objective conversations about expectations and performance.


We believe that respecting the privacy of every individual is of
the utmost importance, and that the need for real-time data and
analytics shouldn’t infringe on those privacies.

The Sapience Logo

The Sapience icon depicts both a human figure and a floating ball. The spherical shape symbolizes the holistic view Sapience provides customers, giving visibility into every aspect of operation. On the human side, Sapience elevates the engagement, performance
and mindfulness of individuals and organizations that use it.


Our strong management team and experienced board members are adept at tackling complex challenges and provide us with the perspective needed to appropriately channel our knowledge and energy. The breadth and depth of our experience allows us to push forward in ways that make people think — challenging convention and seizing opportunity to create truly exceptional results.

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Sapience was founded with a vision to transform people, processes, and productivity. With dashboards that deliver insights about how time is spent, people are able to budget time more effectively. Those hours don’t disappear anymore. Instead, they’re used wisely and well, so work/life balance and high productivity become everyday realities, not impossible goals.

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