Global financial company saves $10M within 6 months of Sapience deployment.

Transforming IT Outsourcing Governance

As a global financial services company with more than $20 billion in revenue, our client was experienced in generating value—but when it came to their IT outsourcing arrangements, they weren’t sure they were getting the best deal.


saved within the first 6 months of deployment


productivity improvement 


reduced the overhead of managing the engagement


Our client, a global financial services company, provides services and expertise in private banking, wealth management and investment banking, and has a global footprint in more than 50 countries, with over $20 billion in revenue. The customer outsourced most of its application development maintenance work to four prominent vendors, and needed a contingent workforce management solution for productivity measurement and improvement. All engagements were based on large, multi-year contracts, and included 1,000 contractors each, on average.

Despite the company’s size and success, the lack of real-time visibility into their vendor team operations was causing problems. Outsourcing governance managers were unable to predict the outcomes of vendor teams’ efforts, bringing surprises in costs and deliverables. It was also difficult to create benchmarks which could be used to compare different vendors, due to a lack of standard data. With no business process management software, metrics or service level agreements (SLAs), contingent workforce management teams were not ensuring quality, on-time deliverables.

These problems led to a continual increase in costs for resources, teams and outsourcing engagements. In addition, too many resources were required to review and validate manual reports, resulting in a large vendor management team.


After extensive review and onsite discovery by the Sapience team to analyze contingent workforce management practices and identify opportunities for efficiency gains, the client built a strong business case for implementing Sapience Enterprise. The goal was to move from manual self-reporting to automated and accurate reporting using Sapience for outsourcing governance.

Within weeks of deployment, Sapience Enterprise enabled the client’s vendor management team to capture real-time data across multiple vendor teams and multiple systems, applications and processes, for accurate productivity measurement and improvement. Sapience enabled the contingent workforce management team to see how outsourced teams were utilized, what projects they worked on, which applications they used, and how much idle time they had.

Next, the vendor management team began automating reports like timesheets and resource utilizations, and updating project management tools with accurate data. This cognitive process optimization led to better constructive reviews and helped align employee efforts with company goals and objectives.


This project is one of our most successful process automation use cases. By capturing activity and effort automatically from outsourced teams with Sapience Enterprise, the client’s IT outsourcing vendor management team was able to receive accurate data about how outsourced teams were being utilized. Managers could then assess whether or not their efforts were aligned with the goals captured in the IT outsourcing contract.

The contingent workforce management team received accurate and detailed software usage management data about the outsourced team’s time spent on projects, activities, and applications, as well as time spent unproductively.

In the end, Sapience saved the client $10MM within the first 6 months of deployment.

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