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Blog | 09.12.2019

Sapience Analytics Takes a Minute to Be in the Customer Experience Moment at ‘One Sapience’ Kick-Off Event

A fast-growing company must take care to never lose sight of the needs of its employees and customers – it’s vital that both feel valued as the driving heart and soul of the company. This is especially important to convey when both employees and customers are located all across the world.

This is indeed the case with Sapience Analytics, which has grown 160 percent year-over-year and has customers and employees located worldwide.

Sapience employees and select customers and partners recently gathered together at the J.W. Marriott in Pune, India for its ‘One Sapience’ Kick-Off Conference, with some attendees traveling more than 8,000 miles to attend the 3-day event.

The goal of the conference was to bring employees from the United States and India together as one team — one Sapience. CEO Brad Killinger and President Rohit Singla spoke on how this is teamwork is crucial for Sapience to deliver a world-class product and a world-class customer experience to meet the company’s upcoming fiscal year business goals. Breakout sessions offered teams cross-training opportunities to learn about the different business units at Sapience.

“One Sapience is about getting the entire team together under one roof to build the next disruptive technology of the world,” said Singla.

View the video to check out more raves and reviews about the ‘One Sapience’ Kick-Off Conference.

While Sapience knows full well the power of technology to improve work and collaboration among globally dispersed teams, the organization also believes in the value of face time and camaraderie. To this end, the conference provided plenty of teambuilding opportunities, as well as “high-energy” dance and music performances to energize the team.

As well, employees joined together to plant saplings in support of the non-profit Green Thumb, Khadakwasala, an environmental protection group committed to desilting and water augmentation. Later, Green Thumb was presented with a donation from Sapience to support future environmental efforts.