Press Release | 11.26.2015

Sapience launches the ‘Art of Working’ Platform

Dublin, California, November 26, 2015: Sapience Analytics, the leading People Analytics solution company whose mission is to help people achieve work-life balance, announced today that it has joined hands with some of the world’s leading thought leaders to create a unique platform that will help deliver on it’s mission. This platform is aptly named the Art of Working.

“In the past 5 years over 100,000 users and 70+ enterprises globally have come to trust Sapience to help them achieve work-life balance and meet their professional and personal goals,” said Shirish Deodhar, CEO of Sapience. “Sapience enables people to make unique discoveries about how they spend their time, thereby encouraging self-reflection and nudging them towards simple changes in work habits that can have a dramatic impact on their work-life balance. Every change begins with measurement and a plan, and people need feedback and guidance to be motivated and stay on course. The new Art of Working is designed as a one-stop site where users can learn from some of the best experts in the productivity and wellness space, gain from their expertise and achieve their goals” added Shirish.

The Art of Working is a unique community platform where users get access to finely curated and exclusively drafted resources under various personal productivity themes such as time management, attention management, personal effectiveness, goal setting, mindfulness, work habits, and much more. The content will be available in multiple formats – blogs, whitepaper, webinars, videos, etc. You can sign up here for the first of our webinars by Allyson Lewis, renowned Time Management expert scheduled on December 10.

“The Art of Working will bring together like-minded people interested in harmonizing their professional aspirations and personal wellbeing. Our aim is to provide a platform for working professionals and experts to join, collaborate, share and learn”, said Khiv Singh, Head of Marketing at Sapience.

The site is being launched with several renowned productivity experts who have agreed to contribute to the platform. Here is what some of them have to say.

“Most professionals simply work, without realizing that work itself is an art. How to work more elegantly, easily, and productively is as rich a learning endeavor as learning to cook, or to be a good parent, or to play the flute. This forum provides lots of opportunities to engage in that art and craft, in your own way and own time. Great stuff,” said David Allen, Productivity Consultant and the creator of the famous time management method called Getting Things Done.

“I’m excited to be a part of the Art of Working initiative. Having taken advantage of Sapience’s wise and actionable insights offered for some time now, I’m looking forward to giving back and offering my own ideas to help make work better.”, said Julie Winkle Giulioni, Inc.’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers.

“I am working towards the goal of helping people Prioritize, Organize & Simplify their lives at work and home. I believe in providing simple and direct actionable ideas to help people transform their lives, and Art of Working is a perfect platform to interact with large number of professionals interested in learning new skills through a series of webinars, podcasts, and articles .”, said Allyson Lewis, Nationally Acclaimed Time Management Thought Leader, Writer, Speaker, and Coach.

About Sapience Analytics (sapienceanalytics.com)

Sapience is an innovative People Analytics solution. At an individual level, it empowers users to own their productivity and wellness through mindful work. At the enterprise level, managers and CxOs get accurate Workload and Capacity Utilization insights across every business dimension of interest, enabling them to align their talent pool to strategic needs. Sapience is helping over 100,000 users at 70+ enterprises across 10+ countries to move the needle on employee engagement, employee wellness, organization productivity and business profitability.

Gartner recently recognized Sapience as a Cool Vendor, and Sapience is the recipient of several industry awards for its innovative product and fast growth, including TiE50 (at TiEcon, Silicon Valley, California – 2014), Frost & Sullivan (Product Innovation – 2014), Dun & Bradstreet (Best Emerging India SME – 2013), NASSCOM (India’s Top 10 – 2013), IDG Channel World (50 Hot Global Companies – 2013).

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