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Press Release | 05.10.2015

Sapience introduces Sapience Buddy – a “first of its kind” solution designed to promote Mindful Work

May 12, 2015: Sapience Analytics, the leading workforce analytics company, has today announced the global launch of Sapience Buddy ( Using insights gained from over 200 million hours of workplace data, Sapience Buddy offers working professionals, a user friendly and intuitive PC application to achieve more and with reduced stress.

Today’s digital world is characterized by a highly interwoven work and personal life, and increasing frequency of technology interrupts from the always-on smartphone and email and chat pop-ups on our PCs. This demanding environment with a constant buzz of conversations and activity that is irresistible, is leaving us overwhelmed, distracted and exhausted, and wondering – “Where did my day go?”

Sapience Buddy allows you to get back in control. It is a PC – based software application that automatically discovers your daily work patterns and time spent on multiple work activities. Its unique cool Sapience Work YogaTM feature guides users on simple changes to work habits that can have a dramatic impact on both productivity and wellness. Sapience Buddy acts as your virtual assistant, quietly holding up a mirror to your work day, allowing you to set goals for improvement, and encouraging you with daily feedback. Wellness prompts nudge you to take a break in case of too much time at your desk. Users feel a sense of satisfaction from knowing that they put in their best effort.

The Sapience data is “for your eyes only” – it remains absolutely confidential on your PC and is not uploaded to any Server.

“Over the past 4 years, our flagship product Sapience Enterprise has become a pioneer and market leader in enabling organizations to become Mindful Enterprises”, said Shirish Deodhar, Co-founder and CEO of Sapience Analytics. “Sapience Buddy is our response to serve professionals globally who are increasingly becoming conscious about the benefits of mindfulness at work. These professionals include independent consultants, work from home freelancers, employees at small firms (example, accounting, legal, architects), and at large organizations too. Today’s launch of Sapience Buddy supported by Sapience Work YogaTM will provide users an impetus to excel at work, improve their wellness and realize the benefits of Mindful Work.”

The Sapience Analytics’ flagship Sapience Enterprise product is already being used by over 100,000 satisfied users in 10+ countries at more than 65 clients.

The Sapience Buddy Lite version, available at no charge, is an attractive option for people who want to take the first steps towards mindfulness. The Pro version, is available for just $2 per month, provides insights beyond the default 7 days to the past 4 months, along with a whole range of useful features for users to sustain and build on their improvements. The introductory pricing takes out the cost hurdle for those seeking to realize significant benefits from mindful work. They will pay less for Sapience in a month than they pay for their daily Cappuccino!

“Today, there are wearable devices, like FitBit and Apple Watch, which can track activities through the day – right from blood pressure, heart rate, number of steps taken and so on. Armed with such information, we can take actions to improve our overall health based on data instead of guesswork. Think of Sapience Buddy as a FitBit @ Work. It helps individuals to bring in positive changes in their work patterns through valuable and effortless self-quantification provided to you by Sapience Buddy”, said Khiv Singh, AVP – Sales and Marketing, Sapience Analytics.

About Sapience Analytics (

Sapience Analytics, founded in 2009, has developed a patent‐pending software product that helps build a Mindful EnterpriseTM, and thereby ensures that employees and teams can achieve significant productivity improvement coupled with greater work-life harmony. Besides enterprises, Sapience Buddy and Sapience Mobile are available to individuals looking to achieve more at work with reduced stress by adopting mindful work techniques. Sapience was named last month as a Gartner Cool Vendor in Content and Social Analytics, and is the recipient of several industry awards for its innovation and fast growth, including TiE50 (at TiEcon, Silicon Valley, California – 2014), Frost & Sullivan (Product Innovation – 2014), Dun & Bradstreet (Best Emerging India SME – 2013), NASSCOM (India’s Top 10 – 2013), IDG Channel World (50 Hot Global Companies – 2013), iSPIRT (InTech50 – 2015 and 2014) and Red Herring (Asia Top 100 tech start-up – 2011).

Sapience is being used by over 100,000+ users in 10+ countries at more than 65 clients and has analyzed over 200 million work hours. The customer base includes 4 Fortune Global 200 enterprises, 5 of the world’s Top 50 IT Services firms, 4 Top global BPOs, and several billion dollar ISVs, technology and finance companies. McKinsey Solutions and Sapience have a strategic global partnership for using Sapience to help McKinsey’s clients achieve and sustain significant productivity gains and improve service quality, through greater employee engagement.

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Khiv Singh
AVP Sales & Marketing .

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