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Blog | 09.14.2016

Have You Used The New Sapience Buddy?

Sapience Buddy is your answer to ‘where did all the time go?’ It tracks time so you find more time. To finish work so you can find time to do all the other things that matter – like spend time with your family, enjoy a hobby or indulge in some me-time, exercise – all those things that seem impossible now.

The only one-of-its-kind in the entire world, is gives you a consolidated dashboard of time spent on the laptop and the mobile, so you can use it better. With this app you can know:

  • Time spent in travel,
  • Time spent at various locations,
  • Time spent in calls,
  • Time spent using multiple apps,
  • Time spent of physical activities

Like it is with all good things, it has to get better. Continuous innovations and research has us offering our customers a newer, more improved version of this miracle app.

The new release takes into account changing work patterns and the introduction of new technologies. Read in to know what the new release brings you:

Here are the release notes –

1.Search and analyze locations visited or calls made in the past
Keep track of your travel including time spent, locations visited and calls made to and from specific areas.

2.View historical trends of phone usage, phone checking and fitness data collected by the app
Be aware of how often you use your phone. Find out if you’re a slave to technology and need to keep checking it every now and then.

3.Brief introduction of key Sapience features for fresh installation and upgrade
Get a quick demo of what Sapience can do for you – key features and benefits.

4.Indication of newly detected locations by a small icon on top of ‘Locations’ tab
If your daily schedule includes a new locations, the app will automatically add and indicate it as an icon on the top corner, in the ‘Locations’ tab.

5.Improved Home/Office detection. The user is now given an option to confirm the detected location
Between your fixed locations, you now have the option to indicate and confirm whether you’re at home or at work, giving you much clearer data to work with.

6.The App is now ready for upcoming Android N with full support for Doze mode
Every new technology in the mobile space means a modification in Buddy. The app is now compatible with Android N and also offers complete Doze mode support.

7.Automatic backup and restoration of Sapience data for Android 6 users
Similarly, Android 6 users can now benefit from a new feature that allows them to backup and even restore Buddy data for tracking and studying.

The improved Sapience Buddy is a must-have for anyone looking to plan their day better. Download it today and not only save time, but also find more time.