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Blog | 09.26.2019

Sapience to discuss Cognitive Outsourcing at SIG

In October 2019, Sapience Analytics will lead a discussion on cognitive outsourcing. Join us in Carlsbad, California for the Sourcing Industry Group’s Fall Global Executive Summit. Attracting over 400 senior-level executives from Fortune and Global 1000 companies, SIG’s fall summit aims to stir discussion over current sourcing and outsourcing trends and how to overcome challenges in a no-sales environment.

With an open, honest, and engaged agenda, SIG brings together the world’s best thought leaders in procurement, sourcing, and outsourcing to tackle and test the next wave of technological advancements and strategies. Sapience Analytics further fosters this program’s success with a thought-provoking Fireside Chat: “The Path to Cognitive Outsourcing Starts with Absolute and Factual Data.” We’ll discuss the importance of good quality data as a foundation for any cognitive outsourcing initiative.

Cognitive outsourcing is the use of machine intelligence, such as artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), for process improvements, problem-solving, decision making, and actions. These technologies cannot codify their intelligence successfully if the data it’s fed is biased or wrong. If your vendor submits a timesheet reflecting 8 hours of work done in a day, but the actual productive hours was only 4, how is this data useful in developing any automated, cognitive outsourcing program successfully? It’ll be flawed before it even begins.

So, how do we obtain absolute and factual data for cognitive outsourcing?

Join our Fireside Chat at SIG to find out how to start your cognitive outsourcing initiatives on the right foot! You will also hear case studies of Sapience Analytics’ customers who have seen millions of dollars in cost savings thanks to the data and enterprise insights Sapience provides. Sapience is also proud to sponsor Tuesday’s lunch during the keynote session, “Practical Advice for the Practicing Sourcerer: Mastering the Little Things.” We’ll also participate in the Innovation Hall with an exhibitor booth to showcase and demo Sapience for outsourcing engagements. Be sure to check us out!

The SIG Fall Global Executive Summit will be held at the Omni La Costa Resort in Carlsbad, California on October 14 thru 16, 2019. Check here to learn more about the summit and the exciting agenda.