Do organizations need to slow down to grow faster
Blog | 09.03.2014

Should Your Organization Slow Down to Grow Faster?

With the world moving at a break neck speed it seems strange that the concept of mindfulness which asks an individual to take time and look within is gaining such momentum. Large organizations such as Google and Apple are embracing this concept to increase employee focus and improve performance.

For those who are not yet as familiar with this trend Mindfulness is a contemplative practice that trains the mind to be ‘aware of one’s thoughts and feelings and accepting them in a non-judgmental manner’. The concept is deceptively simple yet has the capability to completely change the workforce dynamic by making people more task driven and dynamic. The great thing about mindfulness is that it can be easily taught. Organizations across the globe are leveraging mindfulness practice to help their employees retain and process information better and hence makes them more productive.

The impact of mindfulness practice on employees is also dependent on the organizational situation. It was noticed that mindfulness is most effective in a complex and dynamic environment vis a vis a routine and monotonous task driven environment. According to a research study presented at the annual conference of the Academy of Management in Orlando it was also seen that the various organizational factors such as managerial support, conflict in demands, poor equipment’s and especially mindfulness of the leadership has a huge impact on the employee productivity. Organizations benefit from mindfulness practice when they impartially examine all the factors facilitating or hindering their workforce. Mindfulness practice in an organization allows teams and managers alike to process and synthesize information and keeps them resilient at times when answers don’t come easily and it has been seen that resilient teams are more forward thinking and confident and hence more productive.

To answer the question if mindfulness makes an organization more productive, it can be said that while a part of mindfulness practice actively aims to slow down the individual pace but at the same time it helps the employees improve their problem solving and processing capabilities by looking at their own efforts and allows them to come up with creative solutions to problems and thus helps an organization improve its productivity.

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