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Moneyball for the Enterprise

Improved Performance ThroughInsights and Analytics How Every Enterprise Can Change the Game with Analytics as a Sports Enterprise did Quintessential to Spring in North America is the Major League Baseball (MLB) season which recently kicked off as 30 teams across the United States and Canada battle it out to see who will come out on […]

How Organizations Are Devising Winning Workplace Strategies for the ‘New Normal’ with Analytics

For many years now, employee engagement has become a board-level priority, but of late it’s become a business imperative of the highest level. Winning in the marketplace starts with winning in the workplace. That’s according to a study from West Monroe Partners, where a majority of business professionals surveyed indicated an empowered workforce is critical to succeed in […]

Adopting the Golden Hour with Sapience Vue – Shining Through Golden Hours!

Covid-19 has changed habits – work, personal life; work and meetings have shifted from meeting rooms, hallways, and water coolers to living rooms and kitchen tables. We call this a new ‘WOW – way of working’, breaking century-old working habits and rhythm.  The pandemic has also changed the global work culture drastically with the shift […]

The Corporate Fitness Tracker | Bradley Killinger from Sapience

A company may be well organized, productive, and efficient—and yet, just how it delivers results may remain mysterious, even to those closely involved. How do the kinks get resolved? Where does the information flow? When are employers at their best, and when are they falling short—and why are they falling short? These are the questions Bradley Killinger […]

Allocate an Hour at Work to Make it Golden!

Are you able to work at your best? The answer may not appear in your mind at first glance, but it has personal and professional implications.  Your best performance as an employee comes through a journey of balancing how you work through the day, balancing work and life, having a distraction-free environment, and a content […]

Green Shoots – Implement a hybrid workforce model with Sapience Vue

Spring is well underway in the communities that surround New York City. Signs of life are now everywhere outdoors. These green shoots bring optimism. Hopes were already high this season that a healthy, robust economic recovery will take root. For millions of knowledge workers who are now accustomed to the rhythm of remote working, and […]