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Am I Spying on Vendors—Time Verification vs. Contract Auditing

Flexible labor and agile decision-making are critical to the current business environment. So, it makes sense that contingent workers have taken center stage. For many organizations, this type of labor is a big part of the company’s strategy, as well as a significant investment. So, it’s no surprise that business leaders want to verify key […]

Negotiate With Contingent Workforce Suppliers With Confidence cover

Negotiate With Contingent Workforce Suppliers With Confidence

Contingent Workforce Suppliers are in high demand these days. And knowing how to negotiate a deal that’s best for you and your company is critical.


How Data and Analytics Are Reframing the Work Location Debate

Near-daily media reports highlight an ongoing debate. Employers want employees to return to the office; employees argue they can be more productive at home. A next-gen work plan guided by impartial workforce data can bring both sides together. Among the after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is the fact that the way we work and where […]

Sapience Analytics and QuantumWork Advisory logos

Sapience Analytics Partners With QuantumWork Advisory to Revolutionize the Approach to External Labor Spend With Data Analytics and Strategic Workforce Design

PLANO, Texas, June 7, 2023 – Sapience Analytics, a global leader in workforce analytics, insights and decision support, and QuantumWork Advisory (QWA), an Allegis Group company, announced a partnership to revolutionize how companies approach external labor spend with data analytics and strategic workforce design. With nearly half of workforce spending aligning to procurement as a significant part […]


How To Resolve The Anti-Return To Office Détente

Employers and employees are deadlocked in an adversarial workplace relationship that is being fueled by perceptions on both sides. We can bring employers and employees together on this topic by throwing out perceptions and focusing on facts.  Over the last several months, we have seen a very public debate about the need for employees to […]


Are you Overpaying Your Suppliers for Your Contingent Workforce?

Having data and insights about your contingent resources’ workday will help you determine the success and efficiency of your workforce program including answering the simple question of how do you know if you are overpaying your contingent workforce suppliers? Take a few minutes to learn how some companies are receiving significant cost savings using unbiased […]

The Value of Data: Pivotal Information Companies Need to Manage Their Contingent Workforce Spend cover

The Value of Data: Pivotal Information to Manage Your Contingent Workforce Spend

Companies are becoming more dependent on a contingent workforce. The way to optimize your investment is to understand the value of data.

contingent work managed service providers

How to Ensure Your Managed Service Providers Bring Value to Your Contingent Workforce Program

Managed service providers can efficiently organize and track your contingent workforce. However, it’s important to measure their work to gain full value.

The One Question to Ask to Get Greater Value from a Time & Material Contract cover

The One Question to Ask to Get Greater Value from a Time & Material Contract

With the right data at your fingertips, you can negotiate and manage time and materials contracts for maximum results. Here’s how to get the most out of your budget.