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Key Executives from QuantumWork Advisory and Sapience Analytics: How to Manage External Labor Spend

Executing talent management strategies is a little bit of science and a little bit of art in today’s work environment. The fact is many leaders are faced with executing all the traditional talent management functions while managing costs. To further complicate the process, today’s total workforce is different. It’s more than permanent employees working in […]


Sapience Analytics Names Matthew Smith as the First Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)  

MCKINNEY, Texas—April 1, 2024—Sapience Analytics, a global leader helping enterprises optimize capacity management with automated workforce analytics, is pleased to welcome Matt Smith as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). Smith is a recognized Technology Industry leader with an outstanding track record of building high-performance teams. In his new role, Smith is tasked with executing the new […]


Kayne Anderson Growth Capital Invests in Sapience Analytics to Support the Future of Workforce Analytics  

MCKINNEY, Texas—February 13, 2024—Sapience Analytics, a global leader helping enterprises optimize capacity management with automated workforce analytics, today announced a large new growth investment from Kayne Anderson Growth Capital.  Demand for workforce data that is automated, unbiased, and accurate is key for companies to operate efficiently and cost effectively in a post pandemic world.  For […]


Sapience named among Top 10 Contingent Workforce Solution Providers by HRM Outlook

Click here to view full magazine article. Article Highlights In this special edition of HRM Outlook, we cast our gaze upon the burgeoning trend of contingent work, a transformative force reshaping the traditional paradigms of talent management. This special edition features the Top 10 Contingent Workforce Solution Providers who are forging new paths in the […]


Magazine Article: Modernize How You Manage Contingent Workforce Spend

As featured in HRMOutlook Magazine The contingent workforce grew exponentially during the pandemic, and Bradley Killinger, CEO of Sapience Analytics, cites future trends when describing the potential for the outsourcing marketplace to continue to grow. It is expected that external labor will make up to 35 percent or more of the entire workforce by as […]

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New Year, New Expectations: What to Expect from a Cutting-Edge Workforce Visibility Platform

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on the experiences that shaped the past twelve months, and the opportunities that will define your business’s future. It is a time to acknowledge challenges, achievements, and all the moments of growth in between. Consider asking yourself and your team: what were the […]


Webinar: How to Achieve Transformational Cost Savings from External Labor Category Management

SIG | LIVE WEBINAR, August 29th, 2023 – 1:00PM ET  The importance of category management, building better category strategies, and identifying and mitigating supplier risks has even greater meaning for procurement leaders. For a CPO to thrive as an integral and influential business asset, supplier intelligence has never been more important. Are you capitalizing on […]


Am I Spying on Vendors—Time Verification vs. Contract Auditing

Flexible labor and agile decision-making are critical to the current business environment. So, it makes sense that contingent workers have taken center stage. For many organizations, this type of labor is a big part of the company’s strategy, as well as a significant investment. So, it’s no surprise that business leaders want to verify key […]

Negotiate With Contingent Workforce Suppliers With Confidence cover

Negotiate With Contingent Workforce Suppliers With Confidence

Contingent Workforce Suppliers are in high demand these days. And knowing how to negotiate a deal that’s best for you and your company is critical.


How Data and Analytics Are Reframing the Work Location Debate

Near-daily media reports highlight an ongoing debate. Employers want employees to return to the office; employees argue they can be more productive at home. A next-gen work plan guided by impartial workforce data can bring both sides together. Among the after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is the fact that the way we work and where […]