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Key Executives from QuantumWork Advisory and Sapience Analytics: How to Manage External Labor Spend

Executing talent management strategies is a little bit of science and a little bit of art in today’s work environment. The fact is many leaders are faced with executing all the traditional talent management functions while managing costs. To further complicate the process, today’s total workforce is different. It’s more than permanent employees working in […]


How To Resolve The Anti-Return To Office Détente

Employers and employees are deadlocked in an adversarial workplace relationship that is being fueled by perceptions on both sides. We can bring employers and employees together on this topic by throwing out perceptions and focusing on facts.  Over the last several months, we have seen a very public debate about the need for employees to […]


Are you Overpaying Your Suppliers for Your Contingent Workforce?

Having data and insights about your contingent resources’ workday will help you determine the success and efficiency of your workforce program including answering the simple question of how do you know if you are overpaying your contingent workforce suppliers? Take a few minutes to learn how some companies are receiving significant cost savings using unbiased […]

The Value of Data: Pivotal Information Companies Need to Manage Their Contingent Workforce Spend cover

The Value of Data: Pivotal Information to Manage Your Contingent Workforce Spend

Companies are becoming more dependent on a contingent workforce. The way to optimize your investment is to understand the value of data.

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How to Ensure Your Managed Service Providers Bring Value to Your Contingent Workforce Program

Managed service providers can efficiently organize and track your contingent workforce. However, it’s important to measure their work to gain full value.

The One Question to Ask to Get Greater Value from a Time & Material Contract cover

The One Question to Ask to Get Greater Value from a Time & Material Contract

With the right data at your fingertips, you can negotiate and manage time and materials contracts for maximum results. Here’s how to get the most out of your budget.


Answer One Question to Unlock a Significant Cost Transformation for Contingent Workforce Spend.

What reliable source do your managers use to confirm external labor timecards are accurate before they are approved and paid? The Most Common Answer isn’t the Best Answer If you are like most companies, the answer is they have no reliable source. Instead, businesses are assuming the honor system is reliable enough, timecards are assumed accurate […]

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Brightfield Partners with Sapience Analytics to Advance Contingent Workforce Management

WASHINGTON, DC and PLANO, Texas – April 19, 2002 – Brightfield, the world’s most trusted Extended Workforce guided buying platform, and  Sapience Analytics, a global leader in workforce analytics, insights and decision support announced their strategic partnership today. Together, the companies will modernize contingent workforce effectiveness, productivity, and spend management using innovative and robust analytics and insights. […]

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The Golden Opportunity: Discover What’s Hidden Within Your Data to Optimize Your Contingent Workforce.

There are various reasons an organization leverages a contingent workforce to help meet its needs. In today’s business climate, organizations are increasingly reliant on contingent workers to tackle big projects, meet tight deadlines, backfill resignations, or temporarily scale their in-house staff. If you are making the investment, how do you ensure you are receiving value? […]