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Golden Hour Series Part 3: Adopting the Golden Hour with Sapience Vue

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Covid-19 has changed habits – work, personal life; work and meetings have shifted from meeting rooms, hallways, and water coolers to living rooms and kitchen tables. We call this a new ‘WOW – way of working’, breaking century-old working habits and rhythm. 

The pandemic has also changed the global work culture drastically with the shift of work from offices to homes. Today, work has become a bigger part of people’s lives. With remote working, experts are sharing tips to make work more productive and mindful. However, businesses are facing some challenges in managing remote working with a global workforce and time-zone differences. We believe adopting and optimizing the Golden Hour at work – the most focused and distraction-free work hour would greatly help. 

Such challenges create a need for a tool that can visually show what is your golden hour and how you are spending time during workdays by segregating core time, meeting time, offline time, breaks, etc. Sapience Vue at the grass-root level collects digital signals every 15 seconds i.e. 67,200 data points collected within a month and presents correlations of your work habits, revitalization time, focus time, and core time. With Vue, you can get a real-world reflection of all your workday by analyzing effort data and correlating it with the output data. The greatest power of such a tool is to optimize the ‘Golden Hour’ by visually seeing how you are spending your time. You can trace the workdays with the above parameters to optimize the golden hour in a secure, personal manner. 

Brad Killinger, CEO at Sapience Analytics also shared his views on the Golden Hour in the article A Distracted Workplace Costs Far More Than Productivity Loss of how managers and employees can shine through golden hours.

You can optimize the Golden Hour at work with Sapience Vue in the following ways: 

Seek help to get your focus back

Although you will require a lot of self-discipline to fight distractions, Sapience Vue may work wonders for you. As per an Udemy survey, 70% of respondents felt that training could help them block distractions and achieve focus. Sapience Vue reflects your whole day and helps a manager or an individual reporting to you understand the skill gap of your team by analyzing productivity levels. Based on Sapience Vue data, you can discuss with your team and schedule the required training to close the skill gap.  

Make time for self-care

  1. A little self-care is just what you need to get started on your road to better focus. Successful people often owe their success to good habits – waking up early, meditation, decluttering the mind, mental detox, exercise, reading motivational stuff, writing goals, prioritizing, and family time. Sapience Vue work habits insights help to reflect your workdays with self-reporting across multiple parameters:
    • My Work
    • My Core Work
    • My Meetings
    • My Private Time
    • My Unaccounted (distracted time)
  2. My Data Comparison
    • By Team
    • By Location
    • By Job Family 
  3. My Productive Hours (broken down into hourly chunks)

With a data-driven workday reflection, you can feel your day deeply and make time for self-care by balancing work and life. 

Actionable Insights for good

Sapience Vue ensures a healthy view of knowledge worker activity, analytics, and insights with employee privacy; the insights that will allow employers to get a view into the effort to output correlations. Work activity analytics can help you understand work habits & patterns, the time spent on diverse activities, the amount of non-productive time, etc. But this kind of productivity intelligence is only supposed to improve the graph and help employees do their best.

It pays to pay attention to one’s natural type (lark, others, or own) and make adjustments where necessary using technology and tools.

Daniel Pink goes on to explain, “Time of day explains the 20 percent variance between who is performing well and who is not,” Pink says. “Understanding this hidden pattern can allow you — or allow your boss to allow you — to do the right work at the right time, which will allow you to boost your creativity and boost your productivity.”

Optimize the Golden Hour with Sapience Vue

Sapience Vue is a top choice amongst businesses for giving unprecedented visibility into how people work with actionable insights to manage cost and performance across teams and organizations, plus guide in-office and remote workforce deployment strategies. It is the only workforce productivity tool that is helping to optimize the Golden Hour at work with privacy standards and seamless integration. Sapience Vue boosts your new WOW (way of working) by empowering you to understand and optimize the Golden Hour in an automated and contactless manner.

Talk to us or send us an email to understand how Sapience Vue can be a manager’s or an individual contributor’s digital partner in the allocation and adoption of the Golden Hour at work.

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